Book Tag: Once Upon A Ramadan

Hello everyone! A few weeks ago I shared the Once Upon A Ramadan Book Tag I created for this year’s Ramadan Readathon. Today I’m sharing my post that I hope you will enjoy! 🙂

💫🌙 Once Upon A Ramadan Book Tag 🌙💫

✨ Culture ✨

Name a character that identifies with one or more cultures.

Janna’s mother is an Egyptian Muslim and her father is Indian American.

✨ Tradition ✨

Name a book where the character(s) have a tradition.

Many stories in this anthology talk about family traditions for Eid.

✨ Generosity ✨

Name a character that is generous.

Jameela Mirza takes on more responsibility when her younger sister is diagnosed with cancer.

✨ Community ✨

Name a book where community plays an important role.

An interfaith community works together to rebuild a mosque after it suffers a hate crime.

✨ Faith ✨

Name a character who has a strong sense of faith.

Khalid Mirza is a very devout Muslim!

✨ Gratitude ✨

Name a book you are thankful for.

Love this series with all my heart and soul!

✨ Sacrifice ✨

Name a character that makes a sacrifice for another.

A very important sacrifice is made in the prologue that sets the stage for the rest of the book.

✨ Light ✨

Name a book with light in the title.

This speaks for itself!

✨ Hope ✨

Name a book or share a quote about hope.

Malala’s story is one of hope for a better world.

✨ Love ✨

Name a book with an epic love story.

It really doesn’t get any better than this!

✨ Forgiveness ✨

Name a character who is the forgiving type.

I had a hard time with this one, but I ended up choosing this picture storybook about a parent’s love for their child. Because who better than a parent to be the forgiving type, right?

✨ Memories ✨

Name a book that holds special memories for you.

This was the first young adult novel by a Muslim author I ever read.

✨ Belonging ✨

Name a book or character that struggled with belonging.

Allie feels out of place with her Arab extended family and within the Muslim community.

✨ Family ✨

Name a book that features strong family bonds.

Farah literally enters a dangerous game to rescue her younger brother Ahmad.

✨ Joy ✨

Name a book that brought you joy.

I love this book featuring trailblazing Muslim women!

I tag Azrah and anyone who reads this post! 😄

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