Covers & Cupcakes #7: Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas

Happy Book Birthday to Kingdom of Ash! We’re a mix of excitement and nerves to read the finale to the Throne of Glass series. It’s a bit surreal that the end is finally here. I’d like to say that after seven books, we are ready for whatever emotional rollercoaster Sarah J. Maas decides to throw us on. But history has shown that she manages to surprise us every time and leave us drowning in book feels!

All week we are celebrating this epic series with fun content on our blog. Today, we bring you a Covers and Cupcakes post dedicated to the Throne of Glass series!

The Assassin’s Blade: Chocolate Cupcake with Purple, Blue,

and White Swirl Frosting Topped with Sprinkles


Throne of Glass: Chocolate Cupcake with Gray Buttercream Frosting

Topped with a Flower

source: Glory Albin

Crown of Midnight: Cinnamon Sugar Cupcake


Heir of Fire: Chocolate Cupcake with Mint Buttercream Frosting


Queen of Shadows: Chocolate Cupcake with Red Buttercream Frosting


Empire of Storms: Midnight Blue Velvet Cupcakes


Tower of Dawn: Chocolate Cupcake with Blue Buttercream Frosting


Kingdom of Ash: Gold Cupcakes with Gold Buttercream Frosting



Which cover and cupcake is your favorite? Will you be reading Kingdom of Ash?

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