Ramadan Readathon: Books We Recommend As Eid Gifts for Children

In a few days the holy month of Ramadan will end for Muslims. During Ramadan Muslims fast for 30 days. This means they do not eat or drink anything from sunrise to sunset. Instead, time is spent praying, meditating, reading the Quran, and engaging in spiritual activities. Ramadan ends with a celebration called Eid. Muslims celebrate by attending special prayers, visiting family and friends, eating feasts, and exchanging gifts (if they choose to).

The inspiration behind this post is my 16 month old niece. Being the booknerd I am, I knew I wanted to start building her library as soon as possible. I also knew I wanted the first books in her library to connect to her Islamic faith and background, as well as represent Muslim writers. I set out to research children’s books written by Muslim authors and found some wonderful options. When I learned of the Ramadan Readathon happening this year, I knew I wanted to share this list with anyone interested in diverse children’s literature.

If you’re interested in book recommendations for adults, check out Nadia’s post HERE. Additionally, Zoya has compiled a list of book recommendations for young adults HERE.


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Covers and Cupcakes #1: 5 YA Contemporary Reads

What happens when you combine your love of YA books and eating cupcakes? Well, you start imagining delicious cupcakes as your favorite YA book covers! Thus, the new blog feature COVERS AND CUPCAKES is born. I’ve combed through hours of cupcake pictures to find the perfect match for these YA books. This week’s theme is contemporary reads. Take a look at my picks and click the link for recipes!

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