So… about that Red Queen 3 title

Two days ago Epic Reads revealed the title of book three in the Red Queen series:

My immediate reaction upon seeing this was the following:
OMG we know the title of book three!!!
*cue fangirling*
AND we have to wait till February 2017 to read it.
*cue tears*
BUT on June 28th we’ll see the cover!!!!!
*resume fangirling*

Soon enough the excitement turned into deep thinking. I began to ask myself:

  1. Is someone in a cage? Will they get out of it?
  2. Why are they in a cage?
  3. Does “cage” refer to an actual cage or is this symbolic of something else?
  4. Who is being referred to as the “king?”
  5. Will the cover have another crown or something else? A cage perhaps?

So I did what any good booknerd does in this situation. I went back to the books to look for clues to what this confounding title could mean. Guess what? I found something.

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